Our Services

Through each of our service offerings we work closely with our clients to help them maintain and strengthen their leadership positions.  We tailor each offering to each client’s needs to help transcend market changes and to take advantage of critical opportunities for expansion at every turn.  We help our clients use these services to redesign critical strategic models and build key capabilities and flexibilities to ensure their organization will withstand unpredictable changes.  We use our expertise in each and all of these areas to help our clients fortify operational and organizational models that ensure continued growth in all aspects of their business.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the process by which organizations lay the foundation and roadmap for their long-term viability and success.  It is a balance of current and future capabilities, market/competitive environment, risk identification, and resource requirements and access. Our experienced Strategists help our clients through this planning process by offering innovative solutions that maximize resources and ensure success.

Change Management Consulting

For organizations large and small, new or seasoned, change is always inevitable and sometimes unpredictable.  At AinsworthLloyd we help companies anticipate change, whether within the organization or in the market as a whole, prepare for it with the right tools and continue to operate smoothly during change.  We help our clients set up flexible processes that allow them to remain on top, and experience even more success, after a change event.  Any good organization can survive through expected and conventional events, but it takes a great organization to thrive and succeed through an unforeseen challenge.  And sustaining great organizations is exactly where AinsworthLloyd’s expertise lies.

Strategic Change Communications

An organization is nothing without focused communication. And it is even less without customers.  AinsworthLloyd helps clients create what we like to call message agreement synergies (M.A.S) between a company and its customers.  With M.A.S., our clients learn how to communicate clear messages that foster understanding by their customers and eliminate confusion or inconsistencies.  Our focus on message agreement synergies ensures that our clients’ missions and their customers’ needs are seamlessly aligned for maximum satisfaction by all parties.

Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI) Consulting

Doing more with less is never more important than when the economy is in a downturn.   During these times, some organizations die while others flourish.  We equip our clients with the necessary tools to flourish in slow times, as well as in times of bounty.  The key here is efficient processes.  Nothing spells failure for a business like waste.  And with our CPI services, our clients eliminate waste and profit abundantly for the present and future.  Are you willing to do what is necessary? Think carefully as this will determine your success.

Lean Six Sigma Training

In this arena we have developed a formal training curriculum that provides organizations the knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively improve their operations.  We teach you how to use CPI tools and techniques to evaluate your processes in detail, from the point of customer need recognition to customer satisfaction.  You will learn ways to reduce wait time, delays and cost, while increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and repeat purchases.

    • Intro to CPI
    • Executive/Champion Level Training
    • Project Selection and Sponsor Training
    • Green Belt Training
    • Black Belt Training

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence service focuses on identifying critical information and the most effective methods of data collection.  We bring to bear best practices in analyzing both variable and attribute data to understand trending and enable decision making at various levels throughout the organization.  This service offering allows our Clients to turn information into insight.

Business Process Management

Our Process Management services focus on three distinct resources: people, processes, and customers.  We help our clients understand how these 3 assets work independently and together, and how to monitor them continuously and concurrently. Our clients learn how to track processes, make necessary changes at each step, manage and train people for best performance and accurately interpret customers’ needs.  Managing people, processes and customers requires active involvement and a committed attitude from all leaders and managers in an organization.

Agile Project Management

We bring to bear experienced Project Management Professionals that have successfully led small and large scale projects across several industries. We employ an iterative process that focuses on delivering high-priority, high-quality work. This approach is well received by clients as it provides added visibility mixed with continuous delivery of work products that incorporate customer feedback at every iteration.

Information Assurance

Information assurance (IA) is a key focus for AinsworthLloyd and its clients.  As the name suggests, IA is the process of actively ensuring that the right information is always in the right hands at the right time.  It is important for our clients to know that during business operations and after hours, information critical to business functions is being securely maintained.  Whether it has been sent, received or is still in transit, A&L’s technology and information security experts will ensure that data is managed in a safe manner and remain proprietary.  We further ensure our clients understand the similarities and differences between information assurance and information security.   Though often interchangeable, they are different in that IA is broader in scope and thus more desirable for growing and complex organizations.  IA goes further to encompass areas such as audit, disaster recovery and business continuity plans and involves not only virus protection and other computer science related challenges, but also provides protections related to accounting, fraud, management science and criminology.

General Management Consulting

To maintain a strong leadership position, an organization must keep its energies on 3 key areas at all times: its people, its customers and its cash flow. For AinsworthLloyd these focal points are part of our values and around which we framed our mission. We understand the importance of conducting thorough market research and needs analysis reviews with customers and target markets, and our experts are well-versed and experienced to help our clients analyze these results comprehensively and interpret them accurately.